Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So i noticed the other i was ripping out pages to use on my Autumn layout, that at the bottom of the catalog pages, there are little recycling symbols. This could mean one of 3 things: the paper they use for the catalog is recycled, some garment on that page that they sell is made from recycled stuff, or that they are encouraging us to recycle the pages. I chose to take option 3. lol. i thought it was speaking to me. :]

here are some recent flickr faves that I've been saving for a special occasion. ANd when i mean special i mean at 12:34 AM on a Wednesday. haha

*[ featured photos come from kara haupt, elise blaha, Vee, Elsie Flannigan, etc. ]

Also, a few new things,
I got this card and stamp set in the mail this week from my Auntie. Its a clear stamp Halloween set and I think its adorable! My favorite part is the little spider. I expect you will see these showing up in Halloween projects coming this week to a blog near you! Also, i think she made that rockin card herself!

This is a belated photo of the thrifted ring I got over Fall Break. I love it. I saw it in the case and it just sang to me. It was $3...but here's the REAL kicker--it WAS HALF OFF! That's right, a SALE in a thrift store! What's that about? It was so cool! So $1.50, folks! *proud* haha

To conclude this short but sweet post, I would like to say that i just read Elsie's new blog about things she wishes she had known about careers in art. It was supposed to be truthful, honest, and maybe even a little upsetting regarding the seemingly glamorous lifestyle. She said that it might not be what we wanted to hear, but i read it anyway. I was... surprised at what I read about her self-taught profession: it is everything I ever want from life. It's EXACTLY the kind of thing i need to strive for and be and live and dream and...everything. This post did nothing but make me want to spend my life creating even more.

I encourage everyone to read it and get inspired as well. I'm ready for the next hard chapter in my life. :]
night everyone.

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Bekah said...

haha. Her blog post was very inspiring for me as well. :]