Sunday, October 5, 2008

Autumn leaves, Beauty's got a hold on me.

Why does the weekend have to be over? It was practically perfect in every way.

But just because its over doesn't mean that the cuteness is over! This is what I made for The Art is Found this time. The prompt was cardboard--NO PROB, BOB. I love messing with cardboard. This little wall hanging was made from the cardboard inserts from a paint can thing i had. I've been meaning to make this and just hadn't got around to it.

Right now I am in a deep relationship with autumn. I'm sure I have mentioned it before, but if its been a million times, it wouldn't be enough. I love it.

Things I love about autumn:
*the smell of the air
*leaves crunching
*the colors
*the clothes
*my birthday
*the temperature and the weather
*just...everything. I can't describe it.

Conversation between Ian and I at lunch today:
E:"I need acorns. With the hats on them."
I:"Ok. we'll get you some. Why do you want them?"
E:"I want to fill my yellow teacup with them."
I:"Ok we'll go look after lunch."

So we did. We were mildly unsuccessful. We found a few really little ones, and Ian talked me into a few small pinecones and nuts, but what i really wanted were the acorns. I WILL find some.

Well Ian, Greg, Rach and I went to the art walk in Muncie the other day. I'll admit that I was envisioning tables and tables of treasures: all under $5 preferably, haha and everyone walking around in the streets, eating popcorn and looking at all the beautiful things wearing cute fall coats, etc. Wellll I was a bit dissapointed. There weren't that many vendors or artists. There were quite a few pottery wheel demonstrations and the model shop was having an open house. But other than that, not a whole lot to look at it. I will admit though, that it was fantastic to get off campus and just be with my friends in the fall air. *Wonderful*

We've also been getting in a few photo shoots lately as you can tell. One of my favorites has been the one that Greg and I did for his photography class. They had to shoot "weather." That was the only requirement. I was the model and it was a fabulously cold day, but we got some super cute shots:

Greg is so talented. Only he can make me look like a complete hottie with those rainboots on. :]

As far as crafting goes, I got these cute little paper coaster disc things from a wedding I attended a few weekends ago. Are they not the CUTEST things You've ever seen. I can't wait to put these babies on a layout.

And.....a little etsy sneak peek just leaked out onto this blog post! Uh oh... :]

Speaking of etsy, there are a bunch of things that i absolutely WANT from there right now. If only I were independently wealthy. haha::
*This lovely necklace. Isn't it glorious. Ugh drooling.
*This little hand carved owl stamp Mmmmm.
*This Fall art journal kit from Elsie Flannigan--big surprise.
*This rebuilt vintage ring. Weird, yet amazing.
*These pumpkin face scrubbies! [that i may or may not have already]

Other things that I'm just plain obsessed with right now:
*My aunt found these owl treat bag toppers on Where else? haha. omg love these.
*acorns. With their hats.
*teacups. Thrifted ones. I think a collection is forming.
*bronze wire. Its just serving me well in the button ring-making industry.
*etsy in general. too much online shopping. Etsy just makes it too easy to buy cute things. haha.
*Pizza Bagel bites. Discovered and now I can't stop.
*the upcoming Fall Break and Halloween.
*owls. idk why. We've been through this before. ;]
*the new HALLOWEEN TREE that my roommate and I set up in our room. Pics to come.
*my roommate. LOL.
*probably other crazy shenanigans that I can't think of right now.

Alright, i seriously have more to say, but mayhaps another post because this one is montruous! Have a fantastical Monday, all. You can do it!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those rainboots!!!

life_love_art said...

Oh my gosh.
Photos=gorgeous=I want some gorgeous photos.