Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh My Stars

Alright so posting again yesterday didn't happen. Honestly I'm not surprised because i had a hella lot of shtuff going on. Judo started for one, which was TOTALLY awesome! We learned how to fall and how to throw someone. I can't believe that i can actually control and slam a huge guy into the ground. Weeeiiiird. I think I'm really going to enjoy it though. Next step is to buy my Gi which I'm really excited about. I think they're super cute, but whatever. :]

Something I've made in the past few days honestly has me drooling. I know that's not exactly humble, but i LOOOOOVE it! Its just so ethereal and pretty and little girl yet grown up. <3

(Basic Grey bracket chipboard, Jo-Ann's shape trim, staples, Wilton's doily, black ink, remarks letter stickers by American Crafts, Lanarck wallcovering, Memorie Keepers paper: white out collection, black colored pencil, acrylic paint, making memories fibers, chipboard wings, thrifted lace, clear stamp.)

Also, here's some exclusive [HA] photos of my inspiration journal that I've taken for you. They're long overdue considering I made this kind of awhile ago and keep adding to it. But here are a few pages from it!

(magazine clippings, stamp, urban outfitters catalog images, ribbon, gift card holder from Starbucks, street art flyer, darkroom test strip, part of a cereal box, film snippet, Sharpie fine tip)

Just some favorite photos from a mini adventure we had today.

and to close, I want to say that I am SOOOOO excited about something i bought on etsy. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! I bought an 8x10'' print from ELSIE FLANNIGAN!!!!!! You'll have to wait and see what it is until i get it but it is to die for, i must say. Until another day...


Just look at those last photos.....I love my life. :]


Anonymous said...

FAbulous post.
I couldn't pass it by.
Loooove yellow too.
It's my new thing this week. ha ha.
Love your mini, but OMG your inspiration journal kicks a**.
WOWsers. I'm inspired by your inspiration...tee hee,

Gorgeous photos too.

Keep posting, I'm hooked.
And thanks for the comment on my blog. So glad you found me so I could find you .lol

leah said...

Great photos!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! and congrats on the print from Elsie! {Did you see she left ki?} ;)

Have a good weekend!