Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All My Amazing Ideas from Today! haha

Hello from my little dorm room! I have quite a few things to cover this time actually!

First of all. I would like to address my dear reader, Gayle. I'm going to tell a little bit more about myself so that everyone can get a better understanding of who i really am! Wellll I'm 20 years old. Soon to be 21 on Halloween. I'm majoring in Spanish and minoring in Digital Publishing (which is like...graphic design and photography all rolled into one!) I want to make my Graphic Design into another major soon since I'm almost done with Spanish! Eventually, i would like to do what Elsie Flannigan did with her life and design my own scrapbook and art line! I spend most, nay, ALL of my time either with my best friend Rachel:

other best friend Greg:

or with my boyfriend of almost 2 years, Ian:

During the summer i also spend eons of time with my 3rd best friend named Kady that i cannot currently find a picture of sadly. :(
On top of that, my favorite activities include: scrapping, painting, sketching, paper crafting in general, sewing, photoshoots, jewelry making, blogging, and watching cartoons or FRIENDS with my friends.
I love the colors red, yellow, and pink. I use yellow A LOT in the things i make.
There are a lot more random things about me that you shall learn with time. haha
I live to make things i think. I truly believe that's why i was put on this earth.
So Gayle, that is who i am! Also, i would love to encourage you to start a blog because it is AMAZING. I've seriously convinced like 6 other people who are now successful bloggers and love it! I think its an awesome idea! You can email me at keread [at] bsu.edu with any questions or encouragement! :]]]

Ok now onto other things: NEW LAYOUT!

This was just one that i did last night at like midnight because i felt the need to create and due to a really late nap and sickness, i was not at all tired. haha. I didn't like it last night, but i woke up this morning and loved it, so i've had mixed feelings haha.

Here are some images of some things i found on the web this week that i have fallen in love with:

I just found these things awesomely inspirational!

This is just a quick photo i snapped today while posing for a photo project for my dear friend Rach:

I really liked the way it turned out and i promised Rachel that the ONE photo i took today would be AWESOME and i think i accomplished that. :]]]

PLUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS I want everyone to go and check out my Aunt's new blog! Its very new and she's just getting started but she has some WAYYYY cute things to share! <3

Last But SURELY not least=THE RAK GIVEAWAY! I'll admit that i normally feel like i have more people comment, but this time there were barely any entrants. Hmmmm weird. ANYWAY. I am declaring the winner of my little nautical mini album giveaway to be the lovely GAYLE!!!!! And honestly, i think its fabulous that she won this, because she wants to start blogging! How stellar! Blog about this Gayle! :]]] please email me at keread [at] bsu.edu with your address so i can mail your awesome prize!!!

I hope everyone is having a really creative week and is loving where they are right now! Until tomorrow!

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