Sunday, August 31, 2008

Catch My Wave!

I've been feeling very lucky lately to have so many creative talents. In celebration of that I'm giving away a Rak! As promised, I'm posting it today so that we can see what we're playing for here and give everyone time to comment! I originally said that i was going to have some of my ATCs be the prize, but that was before i saw THIS and got insanely inspired to make something even more awesome!

This particular Rak is a Maritime Themed Mini Album kit that i designed entitled *Sink or Swim*. I made this to celebrate the creative gifts that we use everyday and take for granted. So. In order to be entered for this LOVELY prize, you must comment on this entry and tell me why you create. Why do you make the art that you do. What do you get out of it?

Here's what we're playing for:

This Mini Album kit includes:
a red gingham mini album
DCWV mat stack papers
sheet music
a giant playing card
chipboard tag and buckles
string tags
Maritime phrase labels
hand-doodled text boxes by me
hand-doodled shapes by me
6 different types of ribbons and fibers
paint swatches
gingham paper strips
Cracker Jack label
reversible waves
large blue button
metallic star embellishments

I will randomly select a winner on Tuesday night somewhere between 6-9 so get your comments in!


favoraunt said...

What's an RAK?

favoraunt said...

Oh, I finally figured out why I couldn't log onto your blog. Wrong username. Had to be my email address. Oops! My bad!!!

Gayle said...

I love reading your blog and seeing what you've created! I found you from Elise's blog, you did awesome things for the Olympic challenge. I'm thinking about starting my own blog too, major props for keeping yours going! I love this little book you've created- super cute idea and colors!

Bella said...

i agree with you that people take their creative gifts for granted. We, as creative people, use them everyday and forget how difficult it is for some people to even color a disney princess coloring book.

So why do i create?
Sometimes, to feel like i'm a part of something. Sometimes, to organize my thoughts and create something memorable.
And sometimes....cuz i'm just so dang BORED.

what do i get out of it?
everything. creating is everything to me. It's an expression and an extension of who i am.

Gayle said...

I just realized that I didn't really answer your 'why do you create' question! I create because it's a release for me, it's a distraction from the world in which I work. I'm going to grad school for a paralegal certificate and everything is very rigid and there is little (like none) room for creativity. I like the outlet, I like using the other side of my brain. I love colors and texture. I scrapbook instead of journaling. I like to show others my work, I am really proud of it, but then I get really shy and scared that others won't like it. So mainly, my art and my scrapbooks are for me. To preserve what I think is important, and to represent me in this stage of my life!

P.s What do you go to school for?