Saturday, August 23, 2008

Last post of the day i promise :]

Inspired by Elsie Flannigan, this little quick project was manifested by my best friend Kady and I. Don't you love late-nite creating? We thought some doodling was in order and designed our own little characters. I call her "Jaley the Jelly."

(random paper scraps, colored pencil, pink rick rack, scotch tape, Signo white gel pen, Diamond Stickles)
These are Elsie creations originally as well. But i fell in love with the sock monkies and can't resist drawing them and giving them such personality! Kady Q, these are for you!

This was made from fabric upholstery samples i got from Maharam, an interior design firm with some really chic and funky designers. little old iPod needed a new sassy case. :) 10 minute project!

(Maharam fabric sample square, machine sewn, felt appliqued, button, top surged)

My newly-designed desk area in the dorm. Its very pink and i very like it. :]

Just foolin around with the Nikon. I'm very much inspired by the headband around the forehead. I'm telling you, inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, people!


favoraunt said...

Have you seen the new sock-monkey stamps in the SU catalog? THey are too cute!!!

favoraunt said...

Grandma said get that doinky off your head!