Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where have you been all my life?

THis is kind of an angry post because i am SO MAD at my neighbors. Why you may ask?


THat is why. hahaha! So here i am at the public library with no way to get pictures on No way to check my facebook or or anything else that's vitally important because they are blocked so the little kiddies don't do bad things. I'm bored with my email and the fact that i can't blog anything interesting because i have no pictures.

Well anyway, here are some goings on in my life as of now:

1. work. which is boring and in no way creative. and i do it every day.
2. sketching. I've done a few portraits for some people lately and its been fun.
3. my laptop built-in camera on my Macbook is broken so i need to get it fixed.
4. I'm buying a Canon XT SLR this week hopefully and I'm Uber excited about it.
5. Ian AND Greg are coming on the 11th= 6 days away! so we can go to the zoo!
6. i need to do some more art journaling...i've done a few pages, but not a lot.
7. i REALLY need to catch up on Elise's prompts, but i mean... they're hard to check with on wireless and IMPOSSIBLE to I think i might wait and do them all at once.
8. i just got 2 rolls of film developed yesterday and they look really good! Can't wait to post them! :)
9. I'm ready to go back to college! Like really really bad.
10. i think that's all for now!


Sue said...

OK, I think I am going to unsub from your blog. Google Reader recommended it, so I looked and liked the banner, but geesh, Louise.

OK, my neighbor used to mooch off our wireless and I hated it. Why should your neighbor pay for your connection? And put up with slow response time cause you are uploading crap to your blog and Faceless.

Grow up

crafty_cupcake said...

Ok just FYI. I was kidding about being angry. lol. OBVIOUSLY its not their problem. Oh and my neighbors are family friends and they know i use it. They told me when i came home from college that i could use it all i wanted.

And if you're going to unsubscribe just because of that comment, you worry too much about other people's lives. YOU grow up.

crafty_cupcake said...

Oh. And its faceBOOK not faceLESS.