Monday, July 7, 2008

Ta Ta

So I realized that the public library has wireless internet! Who knew! hahaha. Oh and I just want to say due to some nasty comments, that the wireless I am stealing is from a friend of my dad's. He knows I'm using it, so I'm not "stealing" it, that's just what i call it. haha. And I'm not really mad. lol. Just clearing that up. haha

Well anyway, this one's gonna be heavy on the photos because its been awhile haha. These are of some photo shoots I did with Ian and little Baby Chayse a few days last week. lol

And low and behold! These are my art journal layouts for The Art is Found that are FINALLY making it onto the internet after weeks and weeks :)

Well I'm off to have a crafty day with Kade, but I'll be back soon i hope. The good ole' laptop is getting fixed this week, so maybe next week then? Ta ta for now!

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