Thursday, June 5, 2008

The First Mixed Paper Journal!

Ok. A proud moment. I made a mixed paper journal today! Woo hoo! I loved it! It was quite challenging actually. I didn't know what i wanted to scrap, so i decided to make a mini book out of all trash i found around the house like receipts and envelopes and shtuff. And then it just turned into a mixed paper journal! After i made it, i realized it was kind of reminicent of one that Elise Blaha did at one point. It was kind of similar. It was a good experience none-the-less! And hey- I got to journal about my thoughts about the future!

(palstic backing from stickers, label maker, catalog pages, staples, paint swatches, random 3D sticker i found, ribbon scraps, masking tape, Sharpie fine tip, business envelopes, ink, date stamp, random paper scraps, letter envelope, lace scraps, placecard from my boyfriend's graduation, photos, white office labels, doily, scotch tape, carbon bill, manilla tags, Silver Sharpie bold tip, barcode, ticket from the Sear's tower, greeting nametag on back)

EDIT::: I'm upset because i have to actually go to WORK on saturday. This means no endless crafting like I've been doing all week. This means no endless fun like I've been doing all week. This means no happiness. hahaha. But i AM excited to get to work SOLELY for the fact that i will have a whole new world of paper things to steal and craft with. hahaha. Ok I'm just warning you guys. lol

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