Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ing List as of late.

I've been feeling like its due for one of these lovely posts that i do from time to time. I saw that it was called an "ing list" on a blog that i read. lol.

Favs @ the mo:

1. orange. My Nana and my mom this color, but its rubbing off on me in crafting. I've done like 3 scrapbook pages lately that revolve around orange.

2. trees. also an inspirational center part these days.

3. my Nikon D40. Hullo!

4. having a scrap partner.--Kady Q has been my buddy lately and we just had a 2 day crop fest. :) With creative juices for beverages. lol

5. Romantic home elements. I think I'm going for the "Anthropologie" take on things for ye olde dorm room this school year. i see Lots of fun posts about that in my future.

6. Sweet and Salty Honey Chex Mix. Its my munchie i take to work. And along those same lines: chewy atomic fire balls.

7. my yellow ballet flats. i need some in every color.

8. getting a paycheck every week. Nuf said.

9. Jump ring jewelry-making. I made these earrings SOLELY out of jump rings last week. They are so cute!

10. Acrylic books. i need one. i want one. its imperative that i get one.

11. Archiver's. Just went in one for the first time this month. They don't have one any where near my town, so it was a dream come true. La dee da.

12. Toast Catalog. I find more fun things to use on Layouts every single day!

i think that's enough for now. I can't wait to get my laptop back so i can post more pictures. This is ridiculous. lol. I never knew i could rely so heavily on one thing. Ah!

PLUSSSSS I'm going to Pages in Time in South Bend, IN on August 5 with my mom, sister, and best friend Kady Q and i am so unbelieveably pumped. I've had a scrap fund for this store going for a few months now. lol It won't be enough of course. It never is!

Well I'm out! Have a craftabulous day as always!

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