Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to Basics*

Behold! Le board book extraordinaire! This puppy took me all weekend, but well worth it. I'm going to admit that these are not my original ideas. I got the prompt, ideas and basic layout from The Art is Found and Gigi Kennedy. It was such a fun project. I was surprised i survived it. (its a little minimalist for my taste) but i think it is so cute! I made this book about all things college and several one word definitions bound in one book. You can click the photos to enlarge.

AAANNNNNDDD these are the real masterpieces. :) Ian and I decided to bake blueberry muffins this morning for breakfast. The real challenge was finding a mixing bowl. but they came out BEAUTIFUL and even more delicious than beautiful. They were just the best thing ever on Sunday morning. Mm.


maz said...

Ooooh yum! What an all rounder you are! Yum to the muffins and especially yum to the board book- I love that and OK, maybe you 'borrowed' the idea but it is truly yours!

michelle said...

those muffins look fabulous right now. Love you board book.. I have one, just can't figure out what to do with it, but you have given me some inspo!