Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dress up Your Doorway

The door photo is via Holly Mathis Interiors. All other links can be found below!

In case y'all haven't noticed, THE HOLIDAYS ARE UPON US! I've been spending this evening decking the halls of our apartment with glittery holiday cheer! One of the first things I put up was our wreath that I made last year (picture to come... because I don't think I've ever shared it??) and I thought it would be fun to put together a little diagram of holiday door decor ideas!

1. Sans serif house numbers. This is a great way to make a lasting change to the appearance of your home even after Christmas! Updating those outdated numerals on your door gives it a modern and trendy feel. It might cost a little more than most changes, but they'll last for years and years! The ones pictured above are the Avalon numbers from Atlas.

2. Mid-century mod doorbell plate. Oh how a lovely starburst can make a difference! This is so dreamy. I wish I had a doorbell so I could pretty min up for the season. This one is a pretty accurate replica of mid-century modern ones you would find on old homes! I just think it's whimsical and stylish!

3. Vintage-style letterbox. I would love traipsing up to my door in the winter to find some pretty Christmas cards sticking out of a little tin letter box! You can use it to replace your existing mailbox, use it as a planter for a hardy succulent, or just have it there for decoration! Vintage style housewares are the best and this one from Pottery Barn is even on sale!

4. Personal scroll monogram. I found this super beautiful door monogram on the incredible blog of Holly Mathis and was blown away. Any door would be lucky to have such a beautiful piece! What a sweet way to celebrate family. Holly shares that she bought her custom piece from Southern Proper Monograms.

5. A buffalo plaid scarf. I thought a cute way to dress up a wreath or monogram on your door would be to add a buffalo plaid scarf behind it. You could drpe it across, use it to hang the wreath, tie it in a big oversize bow, or even WRAP a foam wreath with it! So many options. Check out this one from the Gap or just thrift a cheap one!

6. DIY graphic doormat. I've always admired this DIY tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. With all your holiday guests looking down to stomp the snow off their boots, a graphic doormat would be a winning choice and yet another way to decorate your door or entryway. There are tons of tutorials out there that are affordable and super simple!

7. Bright coat of paint. Never underestimate a simple makeover of a fresh coat of brightly colored paint! (if your landlord/apartment manager allows, that is.) It truly makes a huge impact. Best to do this one sooner rather than later because paint can be very hard to cure in the cold weather!

I hope you loved this and got some ideas for your own doorway! A few honorable mentions are here and here. I want to put a little more effort into mine and really take the holiday sparkle to the next level! Coming soon I want to do a little apartment tour of all our Christmas decorations, so hopefully by then I will have some personal progress.

Happy decorating!

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