Saturday, May 26, 2012

Craft Nook

I decided the other day that I just couldn't take the massive disorganization that was my craft area. I didn't have enough shelf space, surface area, or containers. So we took 20 bucks & bought a new shelf and I just shopped my apartment and rounded up enough organization bins to do the job!

Here's a little diagram of where some things are kept. Keep in mind this isn't ANY of my scrapbooking stuff. JUST general crafting and art supplies! I have a whole other closet of scrapbooking stuff. This also doesn't include art canvases, fabric, or my sewing machine.

click to enlarge!

The craft station itself is a kitchen butcher station that I found at Meijer forever ago. All the shelving units are from Target, and all the other bins are found around my home or thrifted. You can see a tutorial on the inspiration board here!

I really like the way it turned out! It frees up my actual workspace, lets me see all my supplies clearly, and is just plain colorful! :)

 On the frustrating side, I wish my apartment wasn't so small because it's kind of aggravating/embarrassing to have your "studio" just in the corner of the shoebox you live it. But hey! At least I have a creative space, right?

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