Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 1: Tarpon Springs

On our way down to the key, we stopped at a little Greek boating community called Tarpon Springs for lunch, sight-seeing, and shopping! Their main way of life in the town is Sponge Diving and selling the sponges-- FASCINATING!
We ate at an open-air greek restaurant called Hellas that was incredible. Everything from the music to the decor in the bathrooms seemed authentic and it created a whole atmosphere that I loved.
The town of Tarpon Springs has one main road that is the main drag thoroughfare where all the shops are and such. Everywhere I turned there were murals, art, handmade things. SO unique.
Tomorrow is going to mean searching the shores of the Gulf for shark teeth, reading this book and watching my adorable husband try to catch a shark. ;) <3 E

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