Sunday, April 22, 2012

Table with a side of Graphic

As you know, Ian and I have been in the process of re-doing our back patio. Part of this process that I desperately have needing to complete is the refurnishing of a little vintage table I've had since Fall 2011. My mother-in-law Renée grabbed me this table at the Christian Center where she works last fall. They were going to throw it away because it was falling apart, so she got it for free. She thought it had "potential" and I agreed! I've finally got around to giving it a proper facelift.
It's a Formica top and the bottom is compressed plywood that's "shedding" like crazy, but it's an outside table so who cares, right? haha. The top is gorgeous though and the photos don't do it justice! It has little gold flecks in it. The hairpin legs were all rusty and nasty too so they needed work. I ended up wiping the legs down, then painstakingly masking off the chevron detailing with painter's tape on the top. Then the aqua spray paint (which I already had). I sprayed the hairpin legs black, and went to glue on the trim. I eventually realized the black plastic glitter trim I got was too thin to cover the whole edge, so I painted the edge black, then hot-glued the trim near the bottom to cover up the ragged bottom edge. To end, I sealed the tabletop with a high gloss sealer I got 40% off at Hobby Lobby. This whole project cost me about $6 or $7. I think it turned out SO cute!
It's not a HUGE transformation, but it makes all the difference sitting on our patio and I love a good vintage DIY project anyway. I think Spring is just the time to give everything a fresh coat of paint. :) <3 E

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Megan Anderson said...

That is totally awesome!