Monday, October 24, 2011

Home is Wherever I'm with You

Ian and I went to the prettiest and most magical little farm yesterday. It's called Stoneycreek Farm and Nursery. I had wanted to go pick pumpkins, but I wanted a real patch with gourds and possibly some cider for sale. Ian promised to find me a "full service pumpkin patch" with all the bells and whistles I required. :) That's my man.

They had the most darling things too. SERIOUSLY! I fell in love with that aqua farm truck and the pumpkin tree. I think we're going to make a pumpkin tree a tradition with our kids someday. :)

Ian bought us tickets to take a hay ride back to the patch to pick our own pumpkins. Their flat bed had the fluffiest hay and it was so much fun to be wearing cozy fall clothes and bumping along a muddy path to a fir tree and pumpkin patch. *Dream come true!*

What I wore:
flower crown: manzanita
ruffle undershirt: Faded Glory
plaid shirt: Mossimo
mustard coat: thrifted
trouser shorts: Merona
leggings: Target
deer knee socks: Claire's
army boots: Claire's

Before we left, we bought a mini handmade haybale, some button mums, and a few pumpkins for our porch. I know I'm a little late on the uptake, but it really feels like fall now. I love coming home from work and seeing all the pretty colors on my porch. I couldn't resist another feet shot. (They're my favorite after all, but that's no secret!)

I'll be back with a feature tomorrow! An unsponsored feature for a shop I really believe in so its extra fun!
Type @ ya'all soon!


pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

dear elaine,
i love you and miss you bunches!! i almost teared up bc you look so pretty in these pics and ian looks so adorable. aww!! the perfect couple in a pumpkin patch. classic. :) i got part of your birthday present today!! idk when i will see you next but i hope soon!!
loves and hugs!!


sunlite705 said...

Your outfit was perfect for searching for pumpkins! We took our grandbabies 2 and 3yrs old to a church pumpkin patch and let them pick out these little pumpkins last thursday. Today we went to the store and bought 2 large and 1 small pumpkin which we will begin painting and carving tomorrow. I also bought 2 bright purple and 1 bright yellow mum plants to plant in our front yard adding to the many yellow/orange ones already in bloom around the base our two trees. It is the only thing that looks like fall around here since it is still in the 80s here! Trying anything to get into this season!

How was that homemade cider? Yum !!

any word on your next online class?? I know I know I am such a stalker of your class... lol I just am chomping at the bit for one to come soon !


Melissa McMann said...

So cute!