Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DIY: Shimmer Spray

"DIY Shimmer Spray!?" you say? Yes! You heard correctly! I'm here to teach you how to concoct your very own homemade bottle of Shimmer Spray to use on your scrapbooks and art journals!

*metallic paint
*empty mini spray bottles
*a small funnel

And yes! I have created a VIDEO TUTORIAL for you!

Here are some closeups of the Shimmer Spray used with a handmade stencil. I used the negative space from a shape I cut out with my Cricut to create this African-looking stencil.

I'm sad that the photos don't do the shimmery paint justice, but it gives off a really nice iridescence, trust me!
And here is the layout I made with my Shimmer Spray and stencil!

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial!

P.S. I generally don't respond to negativity in the comment section, but I received a somewhat nasty comment regarding the nature of my post and me "taking credit" for the product "Glimmer Mist." I never meant to infringe on any copyright or suggest that I am the only one that has ever come up with a project such as this. I never meant to suggest that the spray I am making is superior to any other spray on the market. I just did it as a fun, money-saving project for art lovers. Frankly I think that its a matter of opinion whether this Shimmer Spray works any better than any other. It's my right as a consumer to state my opinions on the quality of other products out there, and the price. Getting nasty, political, and arrogant in a comment (and then leaving no way to contact them), is not the polite and professional way to approach a blogger about something like this! I'm just an artist that loves my blog, loves to create, and loves to share.


Carrie Rosalind said...

What a brilliant idea! I've never experimented with glimmer mists before because I didn't want to pay so much for them, but I will definitely be trying this out! Fun!

Lotus said...

Alright Elaine!
So, you spent what, $2 to make your own spray and they charge $4+? Awesome!!!!
And you have a ton of paint to keep playing with too!
Thanks for the vid!

Jamie said...

You're so crafty! =] And your video was adorable. You're a natural infront of the camera!

Wendy said...
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Megan said...

this is awesome!!! thanks for the idea!

it sort of stinks that the glimmer mist police are trying to ruin your post though..:(

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

there is a shimmer spray police?! wow!! :( I sorry people have to be dumb.
I love you and love your ideas!! You keep sharing and blogging bc thats what ya do!! xoxoxo
I love the shimmer idea. very cool :p


sunlite705 said...

Elaine I love love this idea! You are right to try to come up w/ways to get the same affects by making up your own concoctions and sharing them w/others who may be on a budget. I will def be heading to Wally world to buy me me of those sprayers and try this at home.

P.s. Is your journal class going to still start in Oct??? please say yes???? please!!!!! I miss you and your daily prompts so much. Can I say I crave your ideas?? hope that wasn't so sappy.

Sue (sunlite705)(