Thursday, June 2, 2011

V is for Vintage

Do you know how long I’ve been meaning to do this post!? For SO long! A month maybe? It’s been one of those topics where you have to have time to get good lighting for pictures in the afternoon and so on. So here we are with some pretty things I’ve found at thrift stores recently. (ie: semi recently. HA!)

*handmade daisy afghan
*pretty vintage waist aprons
*Victorian mirror
*Buddha figure that I spray painted aqua
*swirled melamine bowls
*Give us this day plaque <3
*beautiful vintage globe. It has the signs of the zodiac on the stand!
*a slew of vintage girl scout patches!

I should also do a post soon on some of the vintage pieces we got as wedding gifts! They are truly gorgeous!

1 comment:

Alexandra Rae said...

I have two comments:

one, when you said "ie" I thought-- "Ian and Elaine?!?" and then I realized :-P

two: I LOVE THE victorian mirror, and I've been on the search for picture frames like that for the wedding. SO. End of the story, if you find frames like that, pick 'em up, and I'll pay you back. :-) Or text me a picture? Or maybe I should have just e-mailed you about this...? :-)