Friday, March 25, 2011

Read my Lips

Confession: my lipsticks are like my children. HA! Ok not really, but I love them. haha I started collecting them last summer and slowly became obsessed. I have a shade for every mood and each one shows a different side of me! I know that lots of girls my age don't like wearing lipstick because they think it looks frumpy and dated, but... it's actually sassy and lets you rock the diva. ;)

Shades shown above (left to right):

*Soft Nude- Revlon
*Shimmering Sand- CQ
*Pink Peony- Maybelline
*Peachy Scene- Maybelline
*Coral Crush- Maybelline
*Eternal- Cover Girl
*Are You Red-dy- Maybelline
*Berry Rose- Rimmel
*Balistic- Rimmel
*Bit of Berry- Maybelline
*Euphoria- Cover Girl

You should try it-- you'll like it. ;)

1 comment:

The Perfect Pear said...

hey, I have that revlon soft nude too! i looove it! :)