Friday, March 25, 2011


Tomorrow's a new day. I go through these reinvention spurts where I want to wake up the next day with a clean slate and just... forgive myself for a crappy week and start over. My boss is on my case at work, I spent too much money yesterday, and I'm just generally bored with everything right now. I need to wake up tomorrow with a renewed sense of zest and ready to fend off haters. Sometimes during weeks like this it seems like even my best isn't bold enough, my cheer isn't happy enough and my motivation isn't... motivation-y enough.

Even though it's 12:30 AM, I think I might tidy up my house real quick that way when I wake up in the morning, I'll have a clean house and I'll be ready to tackle my awesome life as it comes. :) Maybe I'll clean out my purse too.... and pick out my outfit for tomorrow... lol I better go. I have a lot cut out for me before bed!

by the way: I love all my subscribers. :)

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nova said...

I think everybody feels that way sometimes. What I do is get in the shower and tell myself that once I get out it's time to start over. Sometimes I stay in until all the hot water's gone, but it usually works for me.