Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Thoughts at 2:20 AM


*I want to finish decorating our bedroom so that I can share that part of our apartment tour.

*I want it to get warmer so that we can buy patio furniture and get a flower pot of zinnias for out front.

*Lots of new things happening for Red Door Vintage this week and there will be at least one post sharing details.

*Our tax refund check better get here soon because I get a new spring wardrobe when it does.

*One of the things on the home decor list is to do something creative with some of our wedding pictures... ideas?

*I probably shouldn't be up this late since I have to work in the morning...

*But somehow that hasn't stopped me.

*I have been craving various forms of cookies something fierce this week including Pilsbury unbaked cookie dough and Thin Mints.

*Did I mention that I'm getting the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume soon? Because I am. :)

*My husband makes the BEST banana bread that I have ever consumed.

*I think that's enough for one night.


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