Friday, February 25, 2011

Clean=Happy // Bedroom Closet

I LOVE cleaning. I don't mean I like it on a rainy day, I mean i LOVE to clean. Like I do it for fun and I look forward to cleaning when I get off of an 8-hour shift. haha It's an illness and has a lot to do with my OCD, but I don't care-- it makes me happy! haha So who else has started their spring cleaning yet? I have! The reason for this post is that I cleaned out my closet the other day! YAY!

I've been putting off this post because I wasn't sure how I wanted to format it. I thought about making the spring cleaning idea a feature because trust me-- I will be doing A LOT of it. So I thought other people could benefit from my chronicles of cleaning. So installment one is my bedroom closet.

I know it doesn't seem like that big of a difference, but to me it really is. It's organized, clean and colorful which is pretty much all I can ask for.

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Ian actually has his OWN closet, so this is just mine. I love having my own closet because I'm not jockeying for position with someone, my clothes have room to breathe, and I can do whatever I want with it. My process was this:

*make a list of the contents of my closet, measure the height and depth of the shelves, & go to Target and find functional, cute totes that will fit in the top section of my closet. I bought this one from Target and a few others.

*Take most things out and wipe down shelves, vacuum the closet floor and do general cleaning.
*put everything AWAY. Even if I wasn't planning on keeping it, put everything away so I can see what I had.
*make a few piles labeled "donate" and "move." The first pile being obvious, and the second pile being for things that didn't belong there and needed to be put throughout the house.
*Go through LITERALLY each individual item being honest with myself. How long has it been since I've worn it? Does it fit? Do I even LIKE it? Will I wear it again? Will someone else get more use out of it?
*Organize items in the top into new bins and totes. Layer items based on frequency of use.
*Check to see if the closet layout is visually appealing to me. If I open it in the morning, is it going to make me happy and inspire me to dress nice? It sounds ridiculous but it's completely necessary for me. haha

Here's another amazing post on cute closets!

I hope this was helpful to someone out there! I know I've done other posts on organization and such, but if there's something in my home you want tips on or you just want to see how I organize something, let me know and I'd be happy to share! Get cleaning!


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larissa said...

I think every married couple should have their own closets. It would prevent a lot of fights I think. I forced Evan to take the closet in the spare bedroom because he literally has like triple the amount of clothes and I wasn't going to let the precious few that I have be smashed by the junk he doesn't wear.

I've also learned that separate comforters/blankets are also a must if you both want to a) be warm and night and b) wake up happy.