Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Brain Book

At the end of December, I wanted to kind of... reboot my arsenal of ideas. Allie and I brainstormed for days about how to get ourselves back on the Locomotive of Inspiration and finally I decided that the best way was to start a completely new inspiration binder. I'm channeling my Style School days with Elsie*cake to just sift and sift and sift through magazines finding something beautiful to paste into my book. So I've been working on it for about a month now and I figured I would share my progress with you.

I've keeping my big fat patterned binder on the cubicle shelf next to my craft area. I figure it's within easy reach and the pattern on the binder is so pretty that it adds to it. haha I've just been going through magazines and grabbing ads at restaurants and stores that catch my eye. Pretty much doing exactly what every other artist does, but I'm just starting it over.

Home decor has been a big topic in my eccentric little head. DIY ideas, pretty paint jobs, and beds. BEDS! I've been OBSESSED with beds lately. AH!

Another thing is general fashion. I'm streamlining. Trying to just flush out ridiculous stuff from my wardrobe that I won't ever wear or things I'm just keeping because I feel bad donating it. So I've been heavily seeking for images for a new fashion "mood board" so to speak.

Textual images always have a place in my heart too, of course.

Here are some tips for starting or re-vamping your own inspiration binder, or, brain book as I like to call it:

1. Look everywhere. Don't deny ANYTHING that might be inspiring to you. Don't be afraid to buy a greeting card from Target just because you like the picture on it. Take sugar packets from restaurants because you like the design. haha

2. Don't filter yourself. Don't question the things that strike you, just take it, cut it out, and paste it in.

3. Keep it somewhere handy. Someplace where you will actually be compelled to refer to it.

4. do it.

<3 to all!

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