Monday, December 6, 2010

Tine Warp

I wish I could warp time. I need more of it. This week has been insane. Certifiably INSANE.


Here's my to-do list for this week. All the things I must accomplish for my world to keep turning:

*thesis thought web
*thesis intro and body paragraphs
*prints of all previous participants
*start wedding thank you notes
*send out Gossip Girl Netflix disc
*Ch. 7 workbook pages for Spanish
*pick up thesis binder
*edit Shawna wedding pix
*edit all new thesis pix and make diptychs
*buy tab dividers
*create thesis cover sheet
*facebook event and flyers for photography exhibit
*put all current thesis papers in order
*call court house about name chsnge
*final action plan for work
*return message to call photog clients
*more $ to Robin (our wedding photographer)
*get new ID card
*pay off Bursar bill
*pick up cap & gown
*email Spanish professor
*pick up prescriptions
*check mail for forms from previous thesis participants
*pick up new rental car
*2-3 loads of laundry

the list goes on. So. my absence is explained. I have to work tonight, but tomorrow and Wednesday, I'm off. I'm hoping to get some blogs in about recent thrifting and Christmas decor!

Love you all. and I love this blog. I love being a part of such a big, supportive and creative community! I can't wait until after I graduate next week and I can blog almost every day! You guys all mean so much to me!


p.s. OH! And for those of you that want more wedding pics, those will be coming in a few weeks after my photographer get them back to us! I can't wait either!!!!


Alexandra Rae said...

Feel free to steal some of the pictures I took of the wedding off of my facebook :-)

Miss you <3

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

Elaine!! omg i hear ya now this one. I have so much HOMEWORK to do. I have to draw pictures for a picture book. Mine is The Wizard of Oz. I am really excited I have all week to draw. i will send you pictures of my book maybe on thursday or friday. well Laney i hope you get everything done. now that the wedding is over, you can pretty much can just work, go to school, and tell Ian what to do. lol. :) LOVE you and MISS you!!
can't wait until Christmas!!