Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hey friends! It was time for a change in appearance since the wedding was over, so this past weekend, I made a little hairstyle change for fun!

I decided to go with red since I know it fades faster than other colors. Most people don't like this about the red, but this time, I think it will be a good thing because I just want to switch it up for a little while. What do you think?! I like it. Having short hair is amazing because you just stick some hair product in your palms, work it into your roots, tousle it up and go! That's the type of maintenance I like!

Plussss look at my pretty Christmas display from the work party I hosted on Sunday:

As most of you know, I'm Assistant Manager at Claire's Boutique and I threw us a very very cute work party complete with non-alcoholic spritzer in champagne glasses, big fake diamond rings, and disco ball ornaments for everyone! I love hosting parties!

Things are really coming together with my thesis this week and I hope that this time next week I will feel refreshed, relaxed, and an academic weight will be lifted! I picked up my cords for graduation today! I'm one in 12 students graduating with Honors this semester!

Love to all and back soon with more Christmas pretties!


Ashley Reynolds said...

Your hair is to die for! So cute!

nova said...

I applied for a job once at a Claire's boutique. This like 13 year old girl handed me an application and was like "oh, and are you comfortable with piercing people's ears? It's easy!"

I told her I'd have to see the sterilization procedure before I answered that question...needless to say, they never called me back, haha.

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

OMG LOVE YOUR HAIR!! want to see mine?? lol. don't tell mom though it's a surprise for her. lol. $2.50 @ walmart!! love you!!


Emily Mae said...

Your hair is so cute! I love it. I need to dye my hair! I was red (like copper, almost orange!) a couple years ago. I love red hair.

Kanya said...

Your hair looks so pretty, I wish I could pull off red.