Friday, October 15, 2010

dear elaine

I want you to remember that you only get to do this once. You only have one autumn of 2010. You only get one wedding, one last semester, one independence-seeking adventure. Enjoy it. Forget about school this weekend and just enjoy your family, friends, and your bridal shower. It's fall and you should savor it.

Love always,

Just a note to myself giving firm instructions about this weekend. I'll probably be MIA until SUnday night because I'm going home for Bridal Shower #1, spending time with my friends and sister, and just having a wonderful autumn weekend without the mental nag of homework and apartment distractions. <3 you all and talk to you Sunday night!


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Alexandra Rae said...

You, my friend, are gorgeous yourself. And I am very jealous of all sorts of your talents. Remember, that's why I started stalking you in the first place :-)