Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Redesign is in the air

I did another blog redesign last week that turned out reeeeaaaalllly cute! Check out Tori's blog, Neon Sweethearts and see the awesome transformation her blog had!

She wanted something super clean and simple with a vintage feel to match her little house and her life. :) She's adorable and I think that the re-design turned out just like she wanted!

I'm thinking about doing a few blog-design commissions, so if you're interested in a blog redesign by me, please leave a comment with your email address and I will get back to you this week and we'll talk prices! Since I'm getting a degree in graphic design, it's a dream come true to be at a point where I feel like I can help people redesign their online, creative space. :) Plus we all share a love for blogging and our blogs are like our babies. haha Here are some examples of some headers I have done in the past:

EDIT: Please comment also if you would like to see more examples of my work. Also, please be aware that I will not use elements that have rights reserved or protection of terms and conditions from purchased digital kits!

SO like I said, if you're interested, gimme a shout out!

ALso, give a shout out to this pretty lady because it's her BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Ok I'm outie!


carly. said...

i just may be interested in a blog redesign. just wondering approximately what the prices are. i may not be able to afford it right now but maybe in a couple months once i start getting in a regular paycheque from work.

so, a little i woke up feeling completely crappy. i've been sick all week but i by far felt the worst today. of course i had a test in bookkeeping this morning so i had to go to class but the second i was done the test i went right back home and went back to bed (til about 6pm) when mikey came home from work and what did he have in his hands...the mail...and what was in the mail for me? my apple cozy!! it's so so so cuuuuuute. i can't wait to use it! thanks for brightening up my otherwise very dull and sick day :)

Emily Mae said...

I would love to talk to you about prices! I've just started getting paid and one thing I'm saving up for is a professional blog redesign! I did mine myself, and it's cute, but I'm ready for something really nice, and I don't have the skills yet. I look forward to your email(: