Sunday, August 29, 2010

Exciting News Revealed!

So I would FINALLY like to share some very amazing dream-come-true news with my readers! With lots of hard work, lots of help, and one amazing charity, a brilliant project has been blooming in my life! Along with my "mother-in-law" Renee, and my best friend Tori, I am helping to open a vintage clothing etsy shop online for a nonprofit organization!

It's called Red Door Vintage and this isn't even the brilliant part, ALL THE PROCEEDS from Red Door Vintage are going to the Chrisitan Center in Anderson, IN. The amazing vintage items featured in the shop are being sold and every penny goes to this nonprofit organization. The Christian Center has a men's shelter and houses SO many men, feeds them, and helps them find jobs in the community while helping them to find Christ in their lives. It really is an amazing organization that deserves so much praise! We are involved in this process and taking part to help the Christian Center open this shop and share some of these remarkable vintage goods.

So here is a peek at just 3 of the vintage lovelies going in the HUGE grand opening:

red leather traveler bag

gorgeous lace dress

menswear fedoras

There are tons of pretty vintage dresses, hats, handbags, and other accessories! We are *HOPING* to go live on etsy starting Saturday September 4th if all goes according to plan! I am feeling so blessed to be able to have this experience in vintage retail as well as help an organization like this in the community. It is truly amazing what it can do! I'm so glad to be finally sharing this with you all and excited to hear your response!

Stay tuned later this week for more details and hopefully a shop link SOON!


Alexandra Rae said...

E! This is so exciting! I expect MAJOR more details about this VERY soon.

janel. said...

this is so amazing E!!! It makes my heart so happy to see people doing amazing things for an amazing reason :) love it and love you!

carly. said...

that's so exciting!!! looks like there is going to be some amazing vintage pieces, can't wait to see the rest.

jeremy said...

this is super exciting!! i'm sure it has been and will continue to be a lot of hard work but for such a good cause. . . you will be blessed.

amazing elaine!

Lucy said...

you need to give me location details asap! my lovely roomies and i love love love vintage, and shopping, and helping out the christian center! :)
congrats little lady! hope to see you soon!

Jamie said...

How exciting, Elaine!!! I love it!!! My cousin & his wife live in Anderson! What a small world. ;)
Can I feature this on my new MAD (Making a Difference) blog? Let me know! :)
Congrats! What an awesome thing you're doing!!!

Jamie said...

Yes, e-mail me! :) (I thought I had your email already but don't.)

Yay! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing :) Great to see these kind of projects. Now I'm completely in love with the bag =X

amy lapi said...

yes!! i'm excited. :)