Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wedding wednesday

Since the summer has started, I have tried to accomplish a lot wedding-wise but fortune is not always in my favor. lol My goal was to have the flowers figured out by this point, but we all know what a hassle THAT can be. :/ So far I have visited a few flower shops and got some estimates. I think after reading those numbers, I'll be JUST fine doing flowers for myself. I gathered some inspiration and courage from this girl's posts to go ahead and have a DIY reception. :) It's going to be gorgeous and so.... ME.

We got these orange ranunculus buds from a craft store (artificial) and we're pairing them with some real plum colored ranunculus and white mums. I'm also tucking in some shimmery clear beads on wire into the bouquets and centerpieces to add shine. I'm looking to mix and match vases to add a vintage thrifted feel.

Some other things I've done for the wedding are:
+updated the guest list 1,000,000,000 times
+continued work on the Save the Date cards---> almost done!
+made a short list of ceremony details and music
+picked up my WEDDING GOWN after it came in! Eeeek!

If you want to see a pic of the gown, you can comment here with your email and I will send you a peek as long as you PROMISE not to give anything away to Ian! Ssssssh! heehee
The closer it gets, the more surreal it feels, but I’m still so excited to be Elaine Davis I can hardly stand it!


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kandistar said...

I would love to see your dress!

*Hugs* Candace