Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Aspirations

I've made a list of things I want to accomplish this summer. I might add to it, but these are a mix of silly, serious, and creative things that I've been wanting to do for awhile now. I thought I would share!

1. try something new at Starbucks
2. several photo sessions
3. etsy update
4. sample bouquet/centerpiece
5. go to the drive-in movie
6. meet up with Tori
7. vlog x3
8. go hiking
9. get a job
10. finish current Moleskine
11. decent amount of granny squares
12. Tropicanoe Cove at least once
13. apply for apartment
14. go on vacation
15. down payment on wedding bands
16. new engagement pics by Robin
17. photograph Lemon Drop Diner
18. read book x5 or more!
19. get my car and successfully drive!!!
20. Summer reading programs
21. purchase piece of designer makeup or big palette
22. really clean out bedroom at home
23. Eclipse midnight showing
24. grow out my hair
25. build supply of neutrals in wardrobe
26. achieve the perfect "cat eye" eyeliner look

Hope you enjoyed! Set some summer goals for yourself!


Jessica - Lovely Undergrad said...
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Jessica - Lovely Undergrad said...

Oooh, this was inspiring! So I just had to make a list of my own.

P.S. I may have "borrowed" a few of your summer to-do's... they just sounded splendid. :)

Alexandra Rae said...

I love this list! Now I'm inpsired to post mine! My room also has quite a dent in it! (Still working on it though!)

Miss you!

amy lapi said...

love this.. i'm inspired! can you add "meet amy" ?