Monday, May 31, 2010

Before & After

Today was TOTALLY successful in the world of Elaine. :) I haven't felt this accomplished in a LONG time. I cleaned my room at home today and it looks gorgeous, I tell you. When I moved home from college, I pretty much just THREW my stuff in the door and left for Ian's house. This week I was able to come home and devote some serious time to getting it back to normal. I can't believe I'm even POSTING this on the internet, but this is the "before shot" with all my college stuff THROWN in my tiny little room (it's about 8'x10'):

It's awful... I know. hahahaha BUT! It's Sooooo much better now and it's all clean and I've started decorating it into an inspiring place to spend my time again. *warm fuzzy feeling* Here are some peeks of my newly decorated and organized bedroom!

newly organized closet with a comfortable space for my vintage suitcases.

cute little miniature shelf for my mini books!

FINALLY displayed my painting from Janel!

paper rolls + daisies = love

pretty journals crowd my nightstand

So all of this room inspiration all around equals one happy girl. :)

I love you ALL!


Lucy said...

I still have trash bags full of clothes all over the floor and random boxes taking up space in my closet. And it's been like... four weeks? I'm jealous that you gained motivation to reorganize, I just can't seem to get any!

Alexandra Rae said...

Ahhh!!! It looks so great!! Now I just need to go do mine. You have inspired me! If only the inspiration can last until after I get off of work!!!

It really does look great, Elaine! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful!!!! Your closet looks amazing, and all of your wondeful paintings! So lovely!

<3 B

Anonymous said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................

Amber Zimmerman said...

so so cah-ute! Love all of the wall art. So, when is your wedding? Yay for summer! :)

Catie said...

Your room looks adorable! I love the wrapping paper in the vase with the daisies. I have a small room as well and it's in desperate need of a clean

carly. said...

hi pretty girl, that photo of you is amazing!! i love your paintings xo