Friday, April 16, 2010

Recyled Couture

My little cousin Malinda is going to be a fashion designer. I can't wait until she grows up so she can go on Project Runway, knock their socks off, win the whole damn thing, and design clothes for me. haha

From what I hear, she sews best without a pattern and makes clothes and accessories as a general rule. She got a dress form mannequin for Christmas this past year. Apparently she really ingerited her mother's sewing gene. Malinda is SO talented and I always love everything she makes. :)

This time she sent me a little package in the mail with a new bow inside it! She made it from duct tape and splatter painted it. It looks SOOOO cool. It's attached to a barrette in the back so it's easy to clip in and out.

I emailed her and asked her to make me some more. hahaha She's so creative and inspiring! Thanks Minda! Love you!



Bekah said...

oh wow. that's so cool!!!!

<3 B

favoraunt said...

She is open for business!

luv ya Laney!!

ABandGeek88 said...

Oh man, that's gorgeous! You should sell her stuff in your etsy! lol

PaperCameraScissor said...

Oh my gosh that is the coolest idea for a bow.