Friday, March 19, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Alisa Burke

I wanted to introduce you all to one of my favorite inspiring artists and one of my favorite daily reads: Alisa Burke! I discovered her a few months ago and fell in love with her carefree, messy, colorful, batik style and I just eat her up every time she posts. haha

She's VERY good friends with her paints and always posts amazing tutorials for crafts you can do on your own. I have yet to try one, but I want to SO bad! They all look so delicious and creative that it makes me want to dive right in. She works a lot with textiles and even has her own book about working with canvas called Canvas Remix! I love that a lot of the things she posts on her blog are wearable: necklaces, ways to transform your existing wardrobe, shoes, and more.

She also shows a lot of home decorating ideas to involve your creative bug like pillows and decorative pieces like wreaths. I wish I had her studio. it looks dreamy!
Here are some of my favorite inspiring images from various blog posts she's done or projects she has shared:

I believe Alisa is one of those artists whose work is contagious: it makes you want to rip out all the art supplies you own, throw it onto one canvas in a fun, messy, creative fit, and be proud of it. She inspires me to be carefree, embraces the smudges, and work it! I hope I've opened someone's eyes to her style, because it is brilliant and remarkable!


catherine said...

I just discover her this say contagious...I say she's really contagious. You should see me after reading almost all of her blog in one day (during work hours;))

Do you know if her e-classes are fun to do? graffiti chic seems to be great!!

pardon my english!!!


mel said...

gorgeous stuff! i'm going to visit her right now!!