Friday, February 19, 2010

just some fun photos

I don't think I ever shared these on here as far as I know. Over Christmas Break, my sister and I did some concept shoots that I had been wanting to try for awhile. She's always up for anything haha. These are Japanese inspired headshots. I wanted to channel the geisha look but still make it a little funky and SLIGHTLY creepy haha.

I think I accomplished what I wanted to actually.

Anna (my sister) is coming to visit me at Ball State this weekend and we will be doing another photoshoot Saturday afternoon, so I'm pretty stoked about that! I haven't had much practice in awhile! Can't wait to share what we do on here in a few days! This post is short and sweet today! I MIGHT have time to do another later, but lots to do this weekend! :)



carly. said...

she has goooorgeous eyes. are they real?

Elaine said...

@carly-- her eyes are REALLY bright light blue. I gave them a SLIGHT green tint in this picture but not much! Her real eye color is right here:

PaperCameraScissor said...

Great photos!!

Lindsay said...

wow her eyes are gorgeous!! I love the look and the shading of the background!! beautiful!

Jeannie said...

i wish there was a better way to show you these pictures but they are on her personal fb page. These is my friend ilde's shots with Memory snap Photography. Her kids are so freaking cute:

adorable right? :)

amy lapi said...

you are such a great photographer.

ideku handmade said...

funny :) but you are still pretty :)
love your beautiful eyes..