Wednesday, April 22, 2009


tell me, how are you? today I'm in a very quiet mood. I'm enjoying sitting peacefully in my room completing tasks, blogging, and absorbing all the pretty things on the internet that i can. Finals are creeping up on me faster and faster and i really just want to enjoy the coming week.

I've packed myself a little "happy bag" full of things to make me happy while I'm at work, waiting for a final, or just needing something to cheer me up/destress. in this bag are:
*a skein of yarn/knitting needles: i WILL finish a knit bow before summer if it kills me.
*my day book: because i have to keep on track no matter what.
*hedgehog sketch book: you never know when an idea will strike.
*my copy of Eat, Pray, Love: I've barely had time to read it so maybe this is my chance!
*a few little snacks: including girl scout cookies and gum
*my Nintendo DS: cake mania!
*i'm thinking about throwing in my plastic princess tiara in case i get too grumpy. I can't feel grumpy when I have a crown on

One thing that made me really happy was seeing that I won a K & Company collection off of the Paper Crafts blog on Monday morning! It was such a great way to start my week! apparently my little collection is on its way!

that was the pic of the collections from the blog. Mmm. lovely. i seriously HEART K&Company... Thanks girls!!!

You should check out the post they did on Gift Cards yesterday. I bookmarked it because the projects looked so yummy. Speaking of yummy, today their post is on Food Wrap! too cute...

Last night some friends and I painted pottery. It was something I had *surprisingly* never really done before. We seriously had a blast and I think we're going to go down to their studio before finals and paint some more!

the photos are a little dark, but they're of my friends Tori and Sami and my boyfriend, Ian. I decided to paint a square rice bowl. I painted clouds and violet stars on the outside with a quote that says "I surround myself with magic..." and on the inside is a mermaid pool with starfish and the word "Magic" is spelled out with little pearls leading to the upper rim. I love it so much and I can't wait to get it fired! <3

In honor of earth day, i DID manage to get you all some earthy inspiration:
*Modish did a series on recycled plastic bags the other day. I loooove the owl pouch!

*wildolive's Made With Love earth pattern!

*check outDesigner Jots' Earth Day post. awesomely inspiring art. This is currently my desktop background:

*Earth day flickr faves. Go here for credits.

and here's some random closing inspo for you:
*Elise Blaha is at it again with the new letterpressed design!

*Check out Mandi's newest post on self-made envelopes. I about died and went to heaven when I saw her card!
*and last... THISSSS made me swoon! <333

have an awesome day y'all! (Do i write too much? lol)


shaina said...

dude...that K&Co win is HUGE!!! CONGRATS girl! so excited for you. you'll have fun with that i'm sure.
love the painted pottery you did. so fun eh?

Mallory Phillipy said...

yeah seriously, i don't even know what i would do with all that scrap product. i typically buy really cute embellies and then NEVER use them because i obsess about putting them on the "perfect" project. i need to get over that.

awesome post girlie :]

danilouwho said...

whoa!!! congrats!! what yummy stuff you won!

have a good weekend! :)

redoaklines said...

hi hi hi! i love that you packed a bag of goodies to keep you entertained. that's such a smart idea!

hope all is well with you, and wanted to let you know i'm doing a double giveaway RAK on my blog and thought you'd like to play along.


ps-you're so lucky to win that k and company RAK!!! :)