Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Día de Muertos.

Yesterday. When i finish this post it will no longer be Día de Muertos, but oh well. haha

I always feel like my posts are so long! Maybe I could post more often with less pics and info??? Hmmm no that wouldn't be as fun to sift through. haha So get ready!

First and foremost, teensy tiny new Etsy shop update tonight. Not much, just some vintage finds from a flea market today. More to come soon!!!

So, I had a fantastic weekend. I'm sad its over as always. It was sad to see my 21st birthday go so quickly. *sigh* I have to say that celebrating was SOOO much fun. And I saved the receipt from my first alcohol purchase. *how special!* haha

Along with my birthday I got like a million cute cards! I'm telling you what, cards make me want to make things. They're more like art these days than cards. CRAZY!

I love them all. My inspiration wall died quite awhile ago. [it fell down because my dorm walls are textured and don't hold things very well *sigh*] But i need to hang it back up if only just to hang all of my lovely birthday cards! Its so endearing that my friends and family put so much thought into what my cards look like. :] Thanks guys!
Among the things I got for my birthday so far are: a pair of moccasins, a dressy Hello Kitty (HK) necklace, HK DVD, a ballet shoe trinket box, HK TOASTER!!!! Heck yes, and most of my birthday money went to paying for my online class with Elsie Flannigan. Wonderful birthday. :]

In honor of my 21st birthday, I have jumped on board with Elise Blaha and making a 22 before I'm 22 list. I think that this will be an excellent way to get a lot of meaningful things accomplished in the coming year. I want this to be the best year of my life yet. So without further ado:

1. Sew an actual garment
2. Start Keri Smith's 100 journal ideas
3. Make the Dean's list...again.
4. Take some couples photos with Ian
5. Get my driver's license
6. Participate in an art/craft fair
7. Read the Bell Jar
8. Take a guerilla art adventure
9. Order business cards
10. Make handmade Christmas gifts
11. Have a tea party with my Nana
12. See Breakfast @ Tiffany's
13. Take a road trip
14. Go to a Papyrus or Paper Source
15. Research letterpressing
16. Make a sock monkey
17. Take an online class
18. Look into magazine internships
19. Take part in a community service project
20. Mail in some layouts to magazines
21. Learn to do my makeup correctly
22. Teach a scrap class. [online or at my library]

I think those are all do-able and very exciting. The plan is to type these out on my lovely typewriter and pin them up close to my work space for inspiration. Mmm. lovely. I'm ready.

Meanwhile, I'm working on #9. I found these spectacularly cuuute website cards on etsy that were a great deal! The ones that I ordered look a little different:

Aren't they ADORABLE!? I can't wait to get them with my own shop address printed on them!

While flipping through the blogs of all my fellow classmates, I came across the gorgeous photography of Emily O. It's so ethereal and peaceful and full of punch that I just love it. Mmmmm. I wanted to share it with you all!

Plus look at THIS:::

Got my Jeremy Larson Salvation Club t-shirt and Elsie print mini poster in the mail on Friday. Fantastic! I love the print, i love the shirt and the album is just...remarkable! Everything is amazing. His music moves me.

here are some things I realized/wanted to share these past few days:
*I really need to DESTASH! I'm thinking either a RAK or some etsy destash kits are in order.
*I really really want Elsie's class to come sooner.
*my friends and family really love me. :]
*Somerset Studios Magazine is *AMAZING!*
*I'm ready to start start start making HOLIDAY GIFTS! I'm so pumped about it and have LOTS of ideas!
*I MAYBE want to start my Daily Cards up again. This was about the time I started them last year and I miss them.

Well lovlies, hopefully I will have the time and resources for more tomorrow! I'm ready for this 22nd year to BEGIN!


Gayle said...

Congrats on your 21st birthday! I found it to be such a fun year just being able to say '21' when someone asks how old you are! I'm still thinking about starting a blog, if only I could come up with a name for it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the catwalk girlie.

loves your layout!

and have fun with the Elsie class...
I debated, but am way too cheap!

Heather said...

Hii!! Happy Belated Birthday! I had every intention of saying that earlier but life just got in the way! I hope it was good though. Those cards from etsy are so cute!! Your list of 22 things to do is really great, and I can't wait to watch it unfold. :]

Anonymous said...

Yay 21! New and better year!

I love those business cards! Super cute!