Monday, October 27, 2008

day of all days*

Today. has been one of the most inspirational days I've had in a long long time. It's been fantastic!
I was going to leave this until the end of the blog, but i just can't contain myself:

I'm so so so so excited! Oh wow I'm totally psyched. You should totally check it out. She's doing 6 weeks with 5 projects each week with everything from: jewelry, photography, scrapping, embroidery, holiday gifts, gift wrapping, home decor, and more! It's going to be the most inspirational 6 weeks EVER. I can't wait. Happy Birthday to me!

The Craftcake Designs etsy shop has been rockin! I've got some new things up. Not a LOT, but hopefully there will be more in the next few days! Here are a few peeks:

I've had a good time putting little notes and extra goodies in with my etsy shipments. :] its so fabulous.

As for personal crafting goes, I have a mysterious disappearing page that I found in my craft tote the other day. A page that I must have forgotten about. It belongs to the Paper:08 Challenge on "Choose." Choose what you are and what you do and what you want to be.

I also made some adorable treat bags for my friends. :] i got the idea here so the idea isn't COMPLETELY original, but i made them all myself! They were a big hit and I think they're just so darn cute! :] Happy Autumn!

I went thrifting on Sunday too. MY FAVIE OF COURSE!!! Ended up with som awesome little finds!

I don't think I've mentioned this lately... but i thrifting. You just find the most wonderful treasures. vintage and lovely and amazing and just...treasures. Mmmmm.

Although aside from thrifting I also invested in some new fabrics at the Moonlight Madness sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I was practically drooling over all the magnificent fabric quarters. Ughhhh. That pinkish patterned fabric is Heidi Grace too. Can you believe it? There was a whole rack and it was just....beautiful. :]
Oh, and those keys that are hanging, my awesome sister found those for me at a sale and gave them to me for part of my birthday present along with a TON of awesome craft supplies! She's the greatest!

Also, I got this ORIGINAL PAINTING on etsy @ here. she has some amazingly cute paintings, not to mention her cards! :] you can also find her here! I love it Bekah!!!

I have a few more etsy purchases on the way too that I'm excited about! :] those to come later this week!

a few inspirations right now:
*Elsie Flannigan obviously.
*THIS!!! @ Anthro. omg. I was like WHAT? My dream for my future kitchen is mismatched dishes and colors and lovliness. I think from here on out, let's just assume that I wish for lovliness. :]
*Scrap in Style Holiday classes!!! I'm not taking it, but it looks positively wonderful just by looking at the flyer! Mmmmm. Holiday decor!

Coming soon:
*more pics of etsy purchases
*another etsy update!
*my 21st BIRTHDAY on friday! ALong with a very special to-do list.
*maybe some sewing projects
*more excitement and inspiration!!!

Also, as Bekah has reminded me and I almost forgot, if anyone has any ideas for felt deisgns on a jersey knit scarf, let me know because I'm looking for ideas! I have a few things in mind, but I would like to hear what ideas y'all have! K thanks!


Anonymous said...

So, so glad!
Did the little bird stay in tact on the wrapping?

I freaking love that anthropologie dinner plate design!

Congrats on signing up for Elsie's class! I can't wait to see what comes out of that little head of yours! I contemplated, but I decided I needed to save the extra money i need for school. haha!

Anonymous said...

happy early birthday!

P.S. I loved your scarf on etsy, but to my dismay it was sold already. haha. Yay for you though!

<3 B

Elaine said...

thanks Bekah! The scarf did sell indeed, but there will be more going up soon hopefully! :]

thank you for all your nice comments. I'm excited for the class tooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Nice comments for a nice person! :]

Hmmm...Birdy scarf... :]
you could always do acorn ones...haha.

Anonymous said...

omg so i was thinking of an idea for the scarf. Snowmen? Tree with a pile of leaves. um ,personally i know i would buy a snowman scarf for my mom. :)

jenifer said...
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Nicole Coffin. said...

um....those acorn tags are the cutest things! and I heart that bedspread!!