Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All The Good Things

omg. vacay has been glorious i must say but all good things must come to an end. :(
I'm heading back to work in like 4 minutes so i have to type fast.

1. I've started Breaking Dawn BUT NOT FINISHED yet and it is very very good and not at all what i expected. I got it at midnight on the night it came out with Rach and Ian and i surprise IHOP visit. <3

2. i went to PAGES IN TIME yesterday and got $90 worth of awesome schtuff. including but not limited to: a chipboard album, cupcake punch, Hambly, K&Company, rub ons, paper, embellishments, new scissors, felt border, clear stamps, ribbons, colored book rings and SO much more my friends. pictures to come? mwa hahaha

3. i love ian. and miss him.

4. Dentist appoitnment is OVER and I'm so glad. I loathe the dentist and i now feel like a pirate because i have a silver tooth. lol.

more at a later date y'all. Gotta dash!

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