Saturday, December 29, 2007

Recent Endeavors*

i feel like I'm posting to no one on here. HAHAHAHA. I love my layout and i wish that more people would read and comment so i know that someone is out there. i have other blogs and this one is jealous of my other ones. lol.

I had my first endeavor with my new SEWING MACHINE!!! SUCESS! I made a tote. Its brown paisley and coral lining. 2 Pockets on the inside, 6 on the outside. Sequin applique on the front. hard support bottom with casing. Quite an ambitious project for the first time out. :) Its my pride and joy! I love being able to say i made it. It took FOREVER! I started it last night at like....8? It took around 7 or 8 hours. Truth be told, there's an organizer insert that goes on the inside, but i haven't gotten to that yet. Not really a vital part of the bag itself, so i figured it could wait. I had a few gliches in the system during the process:

interfacing not sticking
thread got caught and formed a HUGE wad under the presser foot.
bobbin placement issues
pattern translation
thickness of fabric material

Meh. Just a minor setback...5 times. Oh well. IT's DONE DONE DONE!!!

Not sure what all we're doing today. i KNOW we're going to Hobby Lobby and Walden i can cross a few more things off my Christmas list. Its sad to see the money go, but these are things i've wanted for awhile. C'eset la Vie. I got a few things yesterday when we went shopping.

A Hello Kitty lotion pump
an arm band for my iPod
a little cupcake thermos
Cranium Whoonu
a set of plastic drawers for craft stuff
a new purse
a mini album

i think that's it. Today's goals? no idea. Anything i can find that i can't live without really. I was at the Hobby Lobby in Lafayette the other day and i saw the huge eiffel tower that Court wants....and i wish it were cheaper so i could buy it for her. But its like $60 which i think is ridiculous for a black eiffel tower. But its cute and oh-so Courtney.

I know I've really been slacking on my Daily Cards. I haven't forgotten about them. But it seems like I've been really busy since I've been home. There's so much going on and when I'm at school i set aside time every day for it so its easier. Hm. I'll get them done for sure. Hopefully caught up too. I forget how many days I'm missing. I've been wanting to start my new mini albums multi media self-portrait...i think that might be one of my new year's resolutions.

I know a lot of you say that making new year's resolutions is pointless, fruitless, blase, old hat....but i think for me they're a really good idea. I need goals. I need reminders. I need projects and things to work for that will better me in some way. I have a few in mind. After getting on the Dean's List, it felt so good to say that i met my goal...i want to feel that again. 2008 will hopefully be a good time to start the new me. I know i know....if i want to recharge and regroup and reset, i shouldn't need a special day, i should just be able to do it...but it gives me a pin point and a starting point. One thing I'm going to amend about the how resolution thing: call them GOALS not RESOLUTIONS. Resolutions sounds so definite and official and brutal. Goals sounds more friendly. Goals for 2008:

The Classics:
#1:Make the Dean's List again.
Study more, spend more time in Bracken, focus in class, rarely bring the laptop.

#2:Lose Weight.
I'm not putting a number on how much i want to lose...just some. Anything will be better than nothing. I don't want to be heavier than I am now. This means...going to the gym. (That won't be a problem) That means: not eating an entire Christmas Spice cookie box in one sitting. (That MIGHT be a problem.) But i can do it.

#3: Save Money.
Welllllllll les shopping. Uh...ABOUT that...yeah that's going to be hard. I LOVE shopping. But I want to save up money for Europe, Save money for my Single, and Save money for my Nintendo DS....yeah so very little shopping for Laney. Boo.

The Personals:
#4: Start my yoga.
Its relaxing. It will help me unwind. It will help me to concentrate and center myself. I have all the equipment: the mat, the log, the poses, the music. I just need to START it.

#5: Dress better.
I think this has been less of a problem than last year, but i still need to get up, get dressed nice, and start my day. Look good, feel good. Motto for 2008.

#6: Make and complete Mini Albums.
This will help me remember how i was feeling a particular week. I need to start visually documenting more and...and....i don't know. I can't explain it. Never mind.

There might be more to come, but not today. I'll keep you posted. Get it? POSTED???? lol Because this is an Lj POST??? BA hahahaha. Ok well, I'm out.

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Amy said...

awesome bag. you should sell them :)
what school do you go to? i like your resolutions too lol.