Monday, December 17, 2007

♦ 3 and Counting!

I was sitting here in bed thinking. Hmmmm i need another blog. Interestingly enough, i already have 2 but it seems that i need another. Its hard to find my voice again when i switch sites. Mainly because I'm not yet sure who I'm talking to....

I've been cranking away on my on-going project The Daily Card although i think I'm beginning to want to change the name to Daily Somethings instead. I guess I'll explain it since this is new to everyone. Daily Somethings is my effort to do something creative every day even if its something small. I randomly choose a playing card out of a deck each day and decorate the back. I've been binding them into a little scrapbook in the process. I think I'm up to almost 20. That's about 1/2! I'm still goin goin goin each day although i had to take today to catch up on a few days.

This is just a preview of course.

I'm currently on Christmas vacation from school and I have lots of things up my sleeve as far as crafting goes. I've asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and i really hope i get one! I'm excited to try my hand at wool bags, felting, and a few other things. I like sewing accessories for my dorm and what not. I've also asked for more beads, like i don't have enough already. You can never have too many! My jewelry making has really taken off and I've been trying to develop a plan for sales....I've had people making requests. I'm workin on it.

Well...I'll have more pictures posted soon, but I'm content with this little blog for now until i tweak it!

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