Monday, November 2, 2015

Illustrated Faith Creative Team!

I can't believe I'm typing this blog post right now, but it's happening! I was chosen to be on the Illustrated Faith Creative Team! I can't believe it & I've been absolutely floating since I got the email a couple of weeks ago. (& also dying a little because I haven't been able to tell anyone!) After meeting Shanna at a workshop back in September, I knew that God was nudging me to become a bigger part of the bible journaling community. So I applied to be on the 2015/2016 Creative Team for Illustrated Faith & Bella Blvd. 

After hearing how many people applied I was seriously shocked! I mean, how completely wonderfully awesome is it that so many women want to be a part of this awesome movement glorifying the Lord through art!? Answer: BEYOND AWESOME! I love that I live in a world where creative worship is a thing. :)

I've been getting to know my fellow team members & these are some seriously amazing women with so much talent! I can't even tell you how incredible they all are! I really encourage you to go check out everyone's blogs & Instagram accounts because you are going to find more inspiration than you can handle! The fact that I'm allowed to be on a team with them is beyond flattering.

So a bucket list-type dream of mine is being realized today: being a part of a design team for a scrapbooking company. Wow. I know this is a total "God Thing." I know God put me in this place! He's using me to inspire others and I'm going to do the best job that I can for Him! I'm so blessed!


P.S. Be sure to head over to today's Illustrated Faith blog post to enter an awesome giveaway for a complete Genesis Kit! Can you guess which "get-to-know-me" photo is mine!? Come back & tell me which number you think is me! I'd love to see if my readers can guess! They will post the winner of the giveaway tomorrow morning along with full bios of each girl!

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Hot Tea and the Empty Seat said...

I love your blog! So, I follow Bailey at Brave Love Blog and she is also new on the team. So, I found myself over at Illustrated Faith and am looking at each blog.. love them! I'm wanting to follow your blog by email but I can't find a way to do that! Do you have a link? Thanks :)
xoxo Katie