Sunday, December 2, 2012

two years

This past Tuesday November 27,2012, Ian & I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! It is so funny how fast time passes. We are just as strong as ever and each day I lay down to go to sleep I think about how lucky I am to be in such a committed, healthy, and loving relationship with such an incredible man.

The photo strips above are the ones taken on our anniversaries this year and last. It's something we plan to do every year of our marriage, and the plan is to make a little scrapbook with all the strips to remember each year. :)

This past year we:

executed many home improvement projects together

supported each other through a very unhealthy work situation of mine

went to a concert of a band that we both love

started a potted plant collection on our back porch

took a vacation with his family to Florida

planned our next family vacation for 2013

came up with a budget plan

job hunted as a team for a new job for me and an additional one for him

went to see the Hunger Games together as huge nerdy fan-kids

enjoyed SO MUCH our little neighbor girl Lacey and spoiled her rotten

worked out some of our marital "bug reports"

moved to a new beautiful apartment

celebrated a new peaceful rhythm of existence

helped a close friend through a very difficult time

started to think about maybe having a little one

became addicted to too many new shows

hosted a seriously WICKED SWEET Halloween party

started our Christmas shopping really early

continued old traditions

came up with new inspiring goals for the coming year

loved each other all over again.


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