Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Geekery

a Sheldon-worthy Christmas bulb

2 words for you: Christmas. Nerd. I'm a total Christmas nerd. I can't get enough of all this geekery that they make for the holiday season these days! I want an entire separate tree for all the cheesy nerdy ornaments I can find. I think that would be adorable. Check these out. Seriously:
nerdy sight chart print!
Death Star lego ornament
math wrapping paper. so cool.
TLR camera vintage style bauble
the ultimate techie greeting card!
Quidditch anyone!?

Not to mention, most of us crafty gals have nerdy husbands who would eat this stuff up. These would make great little stocking stuffers for the men in our lives, no? I say yes. Let's get our geek on, ladies.

1 comment:

janel. said...

adorable!! I need that golden snitch ornament!