Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gift Idea: Waterstone Succulents

In light of the holiday spirit, I wanted to feature this incredible etsy shop I came across, Waterstone Succulents! I randomly found this beautiful shop during some late night etsy shopping (don't pretend like you don't do it too!). I seriously couldn't believe how beautiful and simple the pieces were and now I'm obsessed. I thought this would make the most incredibly unique gifts for friends this Christmas and I had to share!
Waterstone Succulents is owned and operated by the lovely Michelle Weddle and after clicking through all the designs, I realized what an eye she has for true beauty. These pieces take the pure and simplistic beauty of nature and makes it into a lasting piece for your home. I love the limited color palette (especially the metallics and neons!), en-pointe trend, and quality of her plaster-cast succulent sculptures! There are so many shapes to choose from and they're all incredibly affordable.
Is there anything better than a special, handcrafted gift? Especially one as gorgeous as these. I die. So if you're looking for a pretty present for the girl who has everything, grab one of these for your friends! Michelle even offers 10% off orders of 3 or more! Use the coupon code: 10percent at checkout.

So make sure to visit the Waterstone Succulents etsy shop and look at all the dreamy things. :) Merry Christmas, indeed!

P.s. Next up is an awesome Christmas card idea roundup, so stay tuned!

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