Saturday, July 28, 2012



I had most of this week off of work. What did I do this week when I wasn't blogging?
*cleaned the apartment top to bottom
*got a new life soundtrack
*started knitting a pretty neck warmer
*anticipated the Olympics
*took a road trip to see my family
*started a new book
*volunteered at the 4-H fair in my hometown
*listened to an audio book
*ate some delicious Panera Bread with a friend
*painted my nails
*spent a day at a festival with my Nana
*started apartment hunting
*made a new pair of earrings
*watched lots of How I Met Your Mother with Ian

I think the graphic above pretty much explains the absence. Spend my time living. Live, document later. ;)


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kandistar said...

Hi Elaine, I wrote about your blog on mine, I am doing a new feature on my blog called "Star Blogs" and it is just a link back to blogs that I love and why I love them so much!! Let me know if you would like the link!