Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 Ring Inspiration

Springtime is getting me majorly amped up for projects and warm weather and inspiring projects and warmer weather and projects and... and... Yeah. You get the idea. I thought I would share a little today about how I save all my many ideas that aren't pinned away on my Pinterest page! I keep a binder much like anyone else-- nothing fancy.

But I have to say that i LOOOOOOVE looking through that binder when I'm in need of a creative push or when I just want to look at pretty things for awhile while watching TV. I have it divided into different sections: Projects, Home Decor, Fashion, Life, & Holiday. I have a whole separate binder for business and etsy related ideas.

The tabs are attached to paperclips (I found them at Walgreens) so that I can move them around and they're not hooked to one page in particular. There's nothing that freaks me out more than not being able to change my mind! HA!

Well this was short but sweet. What do you think? Hope you enjoyed the peek!

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