Friday, May 6, 2011

Style Crush: Ellen Page

Little bit of a style crush action here. Haven't done one in so long! And sometimes I feel like that's all I blog about but it's simply not true. Today's topic is Ellen Page. Who I love and adore.

I love the "feminine-meets-boyfriend-jeans" vibe she's got goin on. Effortless is always the goal isn't it? Girl crush? I think so.



rachel said...

oh my gosh I totally have a girl crush on her too... I LOVED her style in whip it, i tried to do it but i just looked EMO. She is so awesome, I LOVE her...

alovelylittleworld said...

I definitely have to agree on Ellen Page. I love her style. After I saw Juno I started buying shorter dresses and wearing them with pants. I've always been to insecure to wear tights/leggings/bare legs... so thank-you Ellen Page for giving me a bigger wardrobe!