Thursday, May 26, 2011

New adventure in Literature

Hey pretties! I wanted to introduce to you my new blog: Between the Covers! It's NOT a replacement blog for this one or a continuation of any kind! It's a completely separate blog all about reading! I'm an avid reader that devours books on a weekly basis, and since I've got so much free time from school and wedding, I've become utterly obsessed! To feed this obsession, I started a book blog for all of you readers to follow and comment on!

The blog is going to feature things like:

*book reviews (obviously)
*my normal Kindle Kontents posts
*features on authors
*some videos
*features on illustrators
*book hauls
*and much more!

Anything reading related, you'll find it on Between the Covers! I want you to know that I will still be posting my occasional book posts on this blog as well, but the new blog is going to be SO much fun! So become a follower or just head on over to check it out! I have a welcome post up as we speak and my first book review will be popping up tomorrow! If you aren't a reader yourself, but know someone who is, tell them to come visit! *So* fun to start new adventures and find friends to share it with!


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