Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red Door Re-Vamp

I haven't shared this on the blog yet, but I was recently hired on at The Christian Center in my town to be full manager of Red Door Vintage, the online vintage branch of their retail department. If you'll recall from this post, I helped the Christian Center launch the shop back in August. Then, I was in charge of the fashion photography and teaching the ins and outs of the site. Now, I'm executing the entire process including: searching for merchandise, photography, research of the vintage pieces, listing, customer communication, advertisement, and shipping. It's been so great!

So tonight I brought some of the new merchandise home to measure and take inventory while Ian and I have a FRIENDS marathon in our horribly wrecked apartment. haha I'm hoping to have some new listings up later on tonight, so be sure to check those out! Remember that all of the proceeds go to feed and house the men living in their homeless shelter.

Also, it would be FANTASTIC if anyone wants to view the shop and write a little review for our new Red Door Community flyer, that would be fantastic! You can just check out the shop and leave a little review in the comments of this post!


ALSO, if you haven't already, PLEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE go check out the new Design 101 Workshop by Allie! She's doing a SUPER affordable online class on personal design and it's going to be amazingly inspiring!

Plussssssss if you sign up, you JUST might see me pop up as a guest designer! ;)

<3 to all!

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pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

Tori is looking mighty cute in those outfits!! I hope to have a photo shoot with you soon!! I am going to go to Fashion Bug next time I am home and ask them about being a model!! yeah. I kinda have a portfolio thanks to you. lol. love you and miss you!!