Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The most magical day//photos

I hope you're as excited as I am (although probably not) but my wedding photos are finally here! This is going to be an extremely photo-heavy post, so get ready for some magics!

Most of the photos I really love are in black and white. I was surprised at myself that I loved the black and white so much more, but hey! I guess I'll just show my favorite photos and just kind of narrate about the day as I go along? And before I begin, I would just like to say that my wedding photography was done by Robin Marchant Photography and she did a FANTASTICALLY SPLENDID job! Check out her portfolio!

Ian and I before the wedding were not really nervous. I didn't get the LEAST bit nervous until about... 15 minutes before the ceremony.

Ian claimed he didn't get nervous until he saw my dad and I walking down the aisle and my dad crying. haha

My "something old" was the church-- it was my childhood church and also the church that my Mom and Dad got married in. "Something new" was my gown. My "something borrowed" were my crystal drop earrings. My best friend Mandy (one of my bridesmaids) wore them in HER wedding in July. (I was one of her bridesmaids too. haha)

My "something blue" was a handkerchief with a hand crocheted blue edging made for me by my Nana. It was so special to have something that she made for me on my wedding day. :)

Ian and I decided to see each other before the ceremony so that we could have the opportunity to take our wedding party pictures and family pictures before the ceremony. Then we could hop into our getaway car to the reception and not have to keep our guests waiting. *HIGHLY RECOMMEND!* This was the best decision we made for that day. Things were SO much more smooth, everyone was relaxed and there was plenty of time so the photography wasn't rushed.

My pretty sister and Maid of Honor. <3

My bridesmaids were so funny and helpful and supportive! Here's a picture of them with their dresses on with jeans. haha They thought it would be funny to get a picture like that and I'm SO glad they did! I think I'm going to frame this one below! haha

From left to right: Mandy (best friend from college), Anna (sister), Malinda (cousin), Kayla (cousin), Riley (Ian's sister)

And of course we couldn't resist some nerdy shots. We got the white and black nerd glasses to match our respective outfits. haha We went in front of this old schoolhouse across the street from the church and it was so childish and cute to have our little nerd glasses on and act like kids on the school steps. These will always be my favorite shots I think!

and of course the ceremony was gorgeous. When the doors opened and I walked down the aisle, it was unforgettable. it was night and the church was all lit up inside and beautiful. And Ian was at the end waiting for me and it just made me want to RUN down the aisle instead. ;)

So that brings us to the reception. It was in a ballroom 2 towns away and it was GORGEOUS. We had a little over 200 guests, so there was a lot of people crammed in that room, but surprisingly, there was plenty of room to move around.

For the decor, we went with the wildflower feel and mason jars. Plum and orange colored ranunculus, a large mum, a few teensy peonies, and some "weeds" made the perfect whildflower look. Plus on the tables we had floating candles, place settings, and little cards for people to write us a note or draw a doodle on for our reception guest book. For the napkins, I cut out HUNDREDS of paper flowers on the Cricut, and we used iridescent bolos to stick through the centers and form a little napkin ring. People ended up taking the napkin rings off and wearing them as FINGER RINGS! Myself included! I thought that was precious!

For food we had a dipping bar; chocolate fountain with little jars of things to dip: strawberries, grapes, melon slices, graham crackers, pretzel rods, and crackers. We also had cheese ball and brickle dip for the fruit too.

People were very impressed with mine and Ian's dance skills. HA

Oh! And my dad and I TOTALLY rocked the reception. We had a plan with the DJ ahead of time that we had something special planned. We started off dancing to something really slow and touching.... for about 5 seconds! Then the DJ switched on the HAMSTER DANCE! For those of you that don't know what that is, have a listen here! So we busted that out and were crazy dancing and everyone was so surprised and laughing hysterically. EVERYONE ended up on the dance floor and it was so much fun.

These were the wine glasses we got as a wedding gift from my Mom and Dad. my mom had taken one of my old drawing books up to a design studio that does laser engraving and embroidery and had a few of my little people drawings from this page etched onto wine glasses with our names in my handwriting. (they took the scar and nails off of the little frankenstein dude for Ian's glass. haha) soooooooooo special! I will treasure them forever and ever.

Good friends from far away came to share my day too! Miss you, Allie!

and good friends from nearby too. :) <3 Tori and Mandy!
So it was the most special and magical day of my life. I learned so much through the process of planning the wedding, and appreciate all of the amazing help I had along the way. I could not have accomplished everything and kept my sanity if it weren't for my mom & dad, sister, in-laws, all my aunts, cousins, and friends that helped me make it happen. And most of all... Ian. :)


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